About Us!

We are an award winning film production company. But we don't like to call ourselves that because we are nothing like any other film production company. We offer marketing but we are nothing like any other marketing company. 

Our Mission Statement

Video is changing the way businesses connect and communicate in an increasingly digital world. However, most companies don't use video in the most effective way, so we developed our own video strategy that has proven to become very successful in growing companies and turning brands into a community of passionate and loyal promotors. Marketing should not be about selling, it should be about building your community. 


Our Partners

These brands aren’t trophies, they’re friends we’ve met on our journey.

We Creatify are fantastic, very professional, easy to work with and exceeded our expectations. They delivered more than we asked for and help us reach our targets. We would totally recommend them!
— Sten Liljedahl - CEO of Tek Kompetens
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About Amin

Award Winning Film Director with a vision to change the film and marketing landscape forever.

Amin El-Bekry is the founder/owner of We Creatify, a film maker, a story teller and an idealist who believes that online video will change the way businesses market themselves forever,  he also believes that businesses need to who want to grow should jump onto the trend before they get left behind. Thats why We Creatify was born.

Amin has worked in the film industry in London making some of the biggest commercials for some of the biggest brands. During this time, he witnessed that commercials are becoming less and less effective, even though they are as expensive as ever.  He has also realised that some of the biggest brands have jumped onto the online video trend seeing how powerful it can be, but they use online video to sell. This is where brands go wrong because we always click away from videos when we see its a commercial. Instead online video should be aimed at building a community of loyal promotors. 

Amin left the film industry and We Creatify was born. He now goes to different companies, large and small to teach how to shift the focus from selling to building. Focus on building a loyal and passionate community around your brand and the selling will come naturally. Your community won't stick with your brand for the short term, they will stick by you for the long term, through good times and bad. That community is the key to your brands growth.